Imagine being so intimately connected with the power that creates world's that you literally know how to create your own world from

the quantum to the subatomic, to the atomic, DNA, and up?


To be so powerfully in-tune with the infinite energy of creation which enables you to feel the expanse of the Universe inside your chest?


To have this expanse reverberate out of your being and into your physical reality where you are expansively free to do whatever you want,

when you want?


To have the time, space and money to be infinitely creative which serves to perpetuate copious, ever flowing streams of abundance,

enabling you to be a brilliant abundant creative channel...


To wake up every morning first with a smile and to go to bed every night with an even bigger smile, knowing you got to experience the

many fruits of life throughout your day....everyday.


To know on the deepest level you are FREE of constraints and completely supported in your freedom.


Because you see, the more connected to this energy you are, the more money will flow into your life, and the more money that flows into your life,

the more connected to this energy you will be.


The more you hustle and slave everyday, the less connected you are to this energy and reality.


There is a reason why the people who work the hardest earn the least, and the people who earn the most work the least.


Slaving and hustling everyday makes you not prioritize the actual things that enable you a ticket out of that. Like psychic development.


Psychic abilities are your gateway to heaven here on Earth because they enable you to see a bigger and better perception of yourself on tap.


They enable you to connect with the Universal intelligence and stay aligned with an abundant Universal Missionary Status.


The more free and supported you are by having that abundance in your life, the more impact you have on the Universe as a whole.


Only you keep yourself separate from this reality of existence.


So the powerful teachings, activations and initiations of the Rich Psychic Goddess are here to support you in hyper-jumping

into your very own Reality Masterpiece.


The Rich Psychic Goddess is a unique and powerful series of teachings are made available to us by a group of intergalactic beings whom wish

to support the innovators, thought-leaders, pioneers, adventurers, inventors and healers on Earth to rise into megalithic

wealth in order to BREAK the Monetary System.


In other words, lets become WICKED RICH in order to free this planet of starvation,

slavery distraction and suppression.


Let's become WICKED RICH to kick out the controlling forces of Humanity and reunite our species with the rest of the Cosmos and

become an advanced intergalactic collective.


Let's become WICKED RICH to have the time and resources to leave our Earthbound limitations behind and have

Universal impact way beyond just Earth.


It's your time to leave the System and truly invoke yourself into Sovereign freedom.


This Academy is for those who are tired of the programmed Saviour complex and are ready to learn the tools to learn to save themselves.


The teachings inside this Academy will gift you with the tools to be a powerful, self validating and wickedly abundant

Cosmic Citizen for the rest of your reality, impacting millions upon millions of beings throughout the innumerable star systems as you

ripple the time space continuum beyond your comprehension.


Interviews are currently being conducted for the May 2020 intake.

Here is what you’ll get

  • 24 Rich Psychic Goddess Quantum Leap Formula Trainings

    $10,000 Value

  • Ever growing extensive library of basic to highly advanced pioneering Psychic Trainings

    $10,000 Value

  • Bi-weekly LIVE group hyper-jump mastermind sessions with Ari Kala

    $10,000 Value

  • 10 + Spellcraft trainings with a Rich Witch Apothecary Library

    $6,500 Value

  • Ongoing monthly group Spellcasting

    $6,000 Value

  • 10 Psychic Quantum Reality Group trainings

    $3,000 Value

  • Ongoing monthly Quantum Reality live Q&A and belief installs

    $3,000 Value

  • 10 group Psychic Energy Alchemy Sessions

    $3,000 Value

  •  10 LIVE group Business Heretic Mindset and Strategy Coaching Sessions

    $6,000 Value

  •  Monthly live Mastermind Full Moon Ceremonies

    $3,000 Value

  • 5 Rich Psychic Goddess Psychic Power activation channelings

    $1,500 Value

  • Private Facebook group with immense guidance and support

    $1,500 Value

  •  Access to the library of pre-recorded Psychic Activation Hypnosis & meditation sessions

    $1,100 Value

That's over $64,000 value for only $12,000.


Payment Plan Available.

Ari Kala

Leading Pioneer in Psychic Development.

Channel of the Rich Psychic Goddess.

Ari has used her own channeled teachings to unlock all of her Psychic Abilities and work with many inter-dimensional beings to be the divine vessel of her Souls work.


She strongly believes in empowering each and every catalyst Earth worker with the innate ability to find the answers from within themselves and stop giving their power away to other people for the answers, which only leaves you chasing your tail stuck at a precipice and never breaking through to your true infinite creative genius and eternal cosmic self.


She aims to be the LAST mentor you EVER need.

Trevor Popple

Resident Quantum Magician

Quantum Mechanics are the missing link for many spiritual entrepreneurs struggling to prove the true

power of their work.


Trevor is passionate about adding the cold hard facts of proof to the very things many people believe are impossible.

His wisdom turns those around him into grounded, educated experts in their magickal fields.

Sinead Breeze

Resident Eclectic Witch

 Eclectic, non-denominational Witch Craft and a powerfully clear physical sight Clairvoyant ability enable Sinead to be a wicked facilitator of applied Earth and Cosmic Magick.


You will finally understand the nitty gritty of Spellcraft and apply it to your everyday life to truly build incredible faith and

trust in the Universe to support you in all you do.

Spellcraft is the new LOA.

Tarsh Ashwin

Resident Business Heretic

Heretic: Anyone who does not conform to an established attitude, doctrine, or principle.


Tarsh is a unique business mogul packing a punch of mindset, strategy and healing into her work.


She collaborates closely with inter-dimensional beings which provide out of this world guidance for the birthing of sovereign businesses.

Armed with the mastery of Clairsentience, the Rising Enchantress truly rises into each and every desire at rapid speed.


She is the beginning of her next Quantum Leap. She knows how to manipulate 'matter' on an atomic and even sub-atomic level through

the power of her Clairsentient magick, enabling her to collapse time and conjure her every desire at hyper-speed.

A Telepathic Whizz, The Reality Alchemist knows how to lovingly, in the highest good of Humanity, manipulate her reality through the most potent form of communication, which goes way beyond the power of words.


She knows telepathy is what reunites Humanity as an intergalactic species, with verbal language only serving to separate

and segregate us from one another.


She strives to be powerfully transparent and completely captivating in her magnetism through her ability to seemingly

create her desired experiences on demand time and time again.

A Clairvoyant Prodigy, the Grounded Visionary knows the precise art of Quantum Leaping and has mastered this art so well its as easy as turning her keys to start her car and drive to where she wants to go.


She is deeply intertwined with her many alternate selves and receives mentor-ship from her future selves who 'have it all'. She is super intimate with her imagination and has mastered absolute trust with her inner world.


Clairvoyance is both her road map and her inner compass for navigating this incredibly challenging Human experience.

An eminent Channel, The Divine Sorceress knows how to wield her Channeling ability to literally create matter from energy, i,e, tangible experience from concept. She works with her Star family, Higher Self, alternate selves and other benevolent beings of choice, to truly be the vessel of divine, world-changing thought, technology, innovations, books, programs and concepts.


She deeply knows her trillion dollar worth and therefore does her consciousness enable her to receive such profound information. She is truly sovereign in her personal & spiritual development, and is equipped with powerful Channeling tools to clear whatever is in her path the second it presents itself.


By doing this, she journey's through life at hyper-speed without much time passing, enabling her to truly, deeply and thoroughly accomplish lifetimes worth of victories for Humanity in this one cataclysmic life now.

Free within her strong, stable and grounded boundaries, the Impenetrable Spellbinder surely is impenetrable. Nothing gets in her way. Nothing knocks her off her path. She learns, grows and gives it another go time and time again, unwavering until she succeeds.


She is completely psychically protected in her mind, body and spirit by the powerful belief systems she has adopted. She is free of fear of persecution, punishment and death.


She is an invaluable intergalactic missionary here to do a powerful important duty and she rides that duty like its her bitch

through being completely at one with both the super-organism of Humanity and the Universe as a whole.

Interviews are currently being conducted for the May 2020 intake.


1. Interview FAQs

  • Why is there an interview process?

    The main reason we decided to create an interview process for this Academy is purely for integrity. We didn't want to just open this up to whoever. The teachings within this space are highly cataclysmic and do require action taking, so we wanted there to be a process where the women who want to be a part of this Academy must take an initial action step and have a chat with us to make sure they are ready and willing to do the work that's inside.

  • If I have an interview do I automatically get accepted?

    No, however, most people who interview we are sure will be a fit. We are not looking for people of a victim mentality, who ask for a handout, have a saviour complex or always make the excuse of not having time. Your transformation takes your own time, commitment, dedication and investment. If you do not harbour these desires then we are sure you will be a wonderful attribute to this revered space.

2. Program FAQs

  • Can I stay longer than 12 months if I want to?

    Yes, every member is able to stay longer than 12 months, however there will be a further investment for doing so.

  • How many hours in total of content will be available to me?

    Immediately upon joining, you will have access to an online portal with over 100 hours of content. In the next twelve months, you will be adventuring through another 70+ hours live.


  • There seems to be a heck of a lot of content, do I need to watch it all?

    You do not have to do anything you don't want to. However we are looking for people who are willing to make the time to nurture themselves with the potent shapeshifting nature of the content inside. Though, you can go through it at your own pace rather than to a strict schedule. We recommend one element per month, which is about a minimum of 2 hours per week.

Interviews are currently being conducted for the May 2020 intake.

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