The Rich Psychic Goddess is a unique and powerful series of teachings are made available to us by a group of intergalactic beings whom wish to support the innovators, thought-leaders, pioneers, adventurers, inventors and healers on Earth to rise into megalithic wealth to give the power back to the people.


In other words, lets become WICKED RICH in order to free this planet of starvation, slavery distraction and suppression.


Let's become WICKED RICH to kick out the controlling forces of Humanity and reunite our species with the rest

of the Cosmos and become an advanced intergalactic collective.


Let's become WICKED RICH to have the time and resources to leave our Earthbound limitations

behind and have Universal impact way beyond just Earth.

It's your time to rise above the systemic fear and truly invoke yourself into Sovereign freedom.


This is for those who are tired searching for answers outside of themselves,


This is for those who are ready to activate the abundance, love and freedom that is natural to their Galactic self.


The Rich Psychic Goddess teachings gift you with the tools to be a powerful, self validating and wickedly abundant

Cosmic Citizen for the rest of your reality, impacting millions upon millions of beings throughout the innumerable

star systems as you ripple the time space continuum beyond your comprehension.


Let's do this.



3rd of AUGUST 2020


Secure your ticket now as we have limited capacity and always sell out. 

Here is what you’ll get

  • FIVE Group Rich Psychic Goddess LIVE Trainings with Ari Kala

    $5,000 Value

  • ONE LIVE Group Proven Money Manifesting Spellcraft Session

    $1,000 Value

  • ONE LIVE Business Heretic Mindset Session

    $1,000 Value

  • ONE Group LIVE Quantum Mechanics Mentorship Session

    $1,000 Value

That's over $8,000 wicked value

for only $50!!!

Ari Kala

Leading Pioneer in Psychic Development.

Psychic Consultant to High Net Worth Individuals and Fortune 1000 Companies

Ari has used her own channeled teachings to unlock all of her Psychic Abilities and work with many inter-dimensional beings to be the divine vessel of her Souls work.


She strongly believes in empowering each and every catalyst Earth worker with the innate ability to find the answers from within themselves and stop giving their power away to other people for the answers, which only leaves you chasing your tail stuck at a precipice and never breaking through to your true infinite creative genius and eternal cosmic self.


She aims to be the LAST mentor you EVER need.

Trevor Popple

Resident Quantum Magician

Quantum Mechanics are the missing link for many spiritual entrepreneurs struggling to prove the true power of their work.


Trevor is passionate about adding the cold hard facts of proof to the very things many people believe are impossible.

His wisdom turns those around him into grounded, educated experts in their magickal fields.

Sinead Breeze

Resident Eclectic Witch

 Eclectic, non-denominational Witch Craft and a powerfully clear physical sight Clairvoyant ability enable Sinead to be a wicked facilitator of applied Earth and Cosmic Magick.


You will finally understand the nitty gritty of Spellcraft and apply it to your everyday life to truly build incredible faith and

trust in the Universe to support

you in all you do.


Spellcraft is the new LOA.

Tarsh Ashwin

Resident Business Heretic

Heretic: Anyone who does not conform to an established attitude, doctrine, or principle.


Tarsh is a unique business mogul packing a punch of mindset, strategy and

healing into her work.


She collaborates closely with inter-dimensional beings which provide out of this world guidance for the birthing of

sovereign businesses.


1. FAQs

  • How is the Festival conducted?

    Upon obtaining your ticket, you will be on our VIP guest list where closer to the date, will be invited to a closed Facebook group where all of the magick will go down.

  • Does the group remain after the 5 days?

    The group will be open for a maximum of 2 weeks to make sure everyone can absorb the incredible content. After 14 days the group will be removed.

  • What stage of business should I be in to get the most out of this?

    The festival is open to all, but you will get the absolute most out of this if you have high end offers (5k+) and make at least 5k per month on average. Six  figure + businesses will reap the biggest reward from this training. 

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